A Hardware Wallet that’s peer’s envy and owner’s pride

NV: A next generation hardware wallet delivers convenience and value while introducing a new paradigm in cybersecurity. Image Source: Shutterstock

What is a hardware wallet?

Is it indeed much a do about nothing?

All hardware wallets are hackable!

The Glitching Device: Image Source: Kraken.org

A product is supposed to work under conditions it is designed to operate, nothing more, nothing less.

Beyond State-of-the-art: Convenience & Value

NatiVault: A design that merges with the contours of a computer keeping the device and the port safe & secure

What is ZVC?

First is the permissions that computer mandatorily grants 3rd party applications, which bad actors often misuse to create attack surface and vulnerabilities;

Second is the in-computer storage for user’s personal data.

Frustrated Hacker’s Double Jeopardy with ZVC

Lessons learnt from Ledger & Trezor hacks

“Since The Ledger Nano S case does not provide any sort of tamper evidence, it is susceptible to being opened and manipulated….. As this vulnerability requires a physical redesign to the Ledger case, this bug is unlikely to be fixed.” WALLET.FAIL

WALLET.FAIL team’s Supply Chain Hack of a Ledger Hardware Wallet. Image Credit: www.wallet.fail
The first NV hardware wallet prototype
WALLET.FAIL’s Trezor Glitcher that revealed private data. Image Credit: Bitcoin.com
Traditional Computing vs ZVC

What makes ZVC technology a game changer?

NV’s place in NFT marketplace?

NatiVault’s future is in its Tokenomics!

Peer’s envy, owner’s pride.

Be a proud owner of NV hardware wallet



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