Best Odds Ever For The Next FET-Open Call

Europe’s Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Open program goes beyond what is known. Seventh year running, it’s now in its last leg with €196.20 to be given away to about 60 ideas with the potential to change the world. Extremely competitive, the winning odds for the upcoming April Call are better than ever.

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What Projects Are Funded?

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Who Are The FET-Open Participants?

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The FET-Open Criteria: Gatekeepers:

To get there, applicants need to make sure to pass all the following gatekeepers of the FET workprogram:

Long-term vision

If your research doesn’t reach far beyond the immediate future, it’s not FET-Open material.

Breakthrough scientific and technological target

If your research idea does not contain a clearly identified breakthrough or is blue-sky, it’s not FET-Open stuff.


If your proposal tackles the next logical step of an already existing concept or proposes a continuation of a previous project, it’s not for FET-Open.


If it doesn’t envisage a new line of investigation leading to a new technology, currently not anticipated, it’s not a FET-Open proposal.


If your research methods are not adapted to explore unknown territory with potential high risk but also high gain, it’s not worth FET-Open.


If you team up only with collaborators from your are of expertise, it’s not FET-Open material.

What it takes?

It takes time, dedication, focus, and most importantly the influence. Preparing for FET-Open is like preparing for the Olympics. May be more challenging than Olympics. For preparing for individual events in Olympics it’s only an individual’s effort that counts. For FET-Open your world-changing innovation cannot knock the FET-Open door unless you have at least two more centers of excellence joining you in a consortium. That may a tall order for freelancers that only innovators associated with highly reputed centers of excellence can meet. Although, EU provides advice and guidance to innovators through National Contact Points, but that’s only namesake. NCPs are supposed to review your draft and advise if your idea has a chance, but that rarely happens unless you are privileged.

The Last Horizon 2020 FET-Open Call

In its last year, Horizon 2020 has allotted the highest budget ever for a single FET-Open call -€196.20 coming up in May, 2020. Next year the program will transcend to Horizon Europe and it’s difficult to predict what shape or form FET-Open will take.

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Success Rate of FET-Open Proposals 2014 Through 2020 (Estimated)
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