GDPR / HSS Inspired Data Liquidity & Future Of Privacy


Data Liquidity

Strength Of Data Protection Laws Worldwide

Data Protection Laws Of The World

GDPR is the most consequential regulatory development in information policy in a generation. The GDPR brings personal data into a complex and protective regulatory regime.”

Snowden Impact On The Strength of GDPR

The GDPR Fallout

Data Protection Noose Is Tightening Worldwide

“the right to privacy being deemed a fundamental right”,

Data Silos: A Medical Tragedy

Source: Health Standards
Variant Market Research


Data Portability, Interoperability & Liquidity

An important attribute of liquid data should be that it flows to where it is needed and when it is needed without compromising privacy and confidentiality of data subject.

“Data liquidity is critical to optimal patient safety and quality outcomes, especially as it supports a complete health record, and is essential for safe transitions between different care providers.”

Legal Ownership Of Personal Data

Currently Who Controls & Manages The Data?

Who Should Control & Manage Personal Data?

Liquidus PODs: Liquidity With True Data Ownership

users should have the freedom to choose where their data resides and who is allowed to access it.

Freedom From Liability

No control over user data means no liability.




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