Influence Capital: The Big Discovery

Almost anything one owns and uses for personal or investment purposes is a capital asset. If one uses quantifiable tokenized influence to acquire or make new asset investments, then influence indeed should qualify as a capital asset.

Testing The “Influence Capital” Hypothesis

  1. creates a new large asset class of human capital — Influence: This is a question we finally answer after analyzing the three subsequent elements.
  2. that is harvested from ownership of tangible or intangible assets owned by individuals or legal entities: Steem tokens were the intangible assets owned and staked by @sharonomics to initiate an experiment in early 2018. Content creation and curation activities generated new assets, which were either Steem tokens or Steem Dollars, which were pledged to fund @prosperist DEX.
  3. that can be tokenized for sharing, delegating, leasing, mortgaging, without actually ceding the custody or compromising the ownership of the underlying asset or subjecting it to any kind of risk: The new assets were generated merely by delegating the influence accrued from the assets owned and staked without actually ceding custody and ownership of the original assets secured in their wallets, or risking them in any way.
  4. can be converted to any fiat currency of choice: While the original assets remained safe and secure in owners’ wallets the new assets (Steem and Steem Dollar tokens) harvested from the delegated influence were capable of being liquidated to any desired currency in any cryptocurrency exchange.


Zerocash Pre- Alpha Trials

Is Influence Capital a sub-class of Human Capital?

The remaining portion of the hypothesis question now is: does influence capital belong to a large asset class of human capital? We address that question in great detail in the next article, but briefly suggest here what’s obvious on the face of it.


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