Mona Lisa: A Feminist Worth $2.67 Billion

Her enigmatic smile beams down on hundreds of thousands of tourists a year at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Image Credit
The Price Of Everything — HBO Documentary Film, Official Trailer


Mona Lisa, Feminism & France

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The Waves Of Feminism

  • First-wave feminism, early 20th century (1900 to 1959), focusing on women’s suffrage, property rights, and political candidacy.
  • Second-wave feminism, 1960s to 1980s, focusing on reducing inequalities in sex, family, the workplace, reproductive rights, de facto inequalities, and official legal inequalities.
  • Third-wave feminism, 1990s to 2000s, focusing on embracing individualism and diversity.
  • Fourth-wave feminism, 2008 to present-day, focusing on combating sexual harassment, assault, and misogyny.

Predicting The Fifth Wave Feminism

Utopian dream!

Raise yourself to such heights, that your destiny when God decides to sire,

He is compelled to ask you, tell me the future you wish and desire.

  • So that the gender equality struggle, fight, battle, combat ends once for all.
  • So that the women of the world do not need feminism anymore.
  • So that fifth wave becomes the last and final wave that finds its ultimate shore.

Can Mona Lisa’s Influence Help?

Any feminist willing to take that giant leap to change the world?

Cheers :)

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Doctor Entrepreneur #Inventor #Health #IoT #AI #Blockchain #Fintech #Economics #Sustainability #Sharonomics #Prosperism #ZeroCash #Driverless #Mobility #Poverty

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Doctor Entrepreneur #Inventor #Health #IoT #AI #Blockchain #Fintech #Economics #Sustainability #Sharonomics #Prosperism #ZeroCash #Driverless #Mobility #Poverty

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