Sharonomics: Rethinking Economics In 21st Century

Sharonomics is a portmanteau blend of “share” & “economics” that introduces a new branch of knowledge.

Sustainability is the mother of all 21st century economic problems. Sharonomics is the science of mobilizing global resources to achieve it.

This article is a short summary based on excerpts from an upcoming book — Sharonomics: Radicalizing Economics

We wiped our slate of knowledge clean. Unlearned all that we learned of economy and economics, society and socionomics, polity and politics, government and governance. No burden of the prior art. No norms to follow. No rules to comply. All of that gave us the freedom to see the present global socioeconomic landscape in ways hitherto unseen. The 21st century circumstances are completely different. Unprecedented in every respect. The thinking, therefore, had to be unprecedented.

The Biggest Challenge

If the real challenge was, to identify, in one word, the biggest challenge that our planet earth is facing today, it would be SUSTAINABILITY. It’s one word that encompasses all the 21st century problems from extreme poverty, hunger to climate change and gender inequality.

Relegated to a phrase, would it be?

“Achieving Sustainability By 2030”


It should be:

“Funding Sustainability Today”


With $7.5 trillion funding gap already accumulated in its first 3 years UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are looking almost impossible to be achieved by 2030.

What an egregious travesty of justice when:

Sustainability is a $12 trillion global impact investment opportunity,

for a world that is awash in money,

yet, at least, $50 trillion worth of liquid capital sitting idle on the sidelines globally awaiting investment opportunities,

when, it takes only $175 billion to invest in eradicating extreme poverty.

Here’s the rethinking, rather, the radical thinking:

I. The Power Of Sharing

There’s a gross imbalance between the needs and the haves of the world.

“The needs far outweigh haves” — is the general perception.

We disagree! No matter which analysis one looks at:

Today, the world actually has a lot more capital than it needs to become sustainable and prosperous.

$50 trillion in liquid assets to be precise according to one estimate! And, a lot more in other forms of tangible or intangible assets!!!

So much for our economic legacy that makes scarcity as the mother of economics.”

Challenging the eternal truths of economics? Sure!

21st century economics has to go beyond Adam Smith’s “laissez-faire,” Keynesiam “welfare capitalism” and Robbins’ “scarce means”.

If scarcity isn’t the mother of economics, why extreme poverty still exists? Why people still die of hunger?

The problem is one of distribution, rather redistribution.

Hmm, talking socialism, communism?

Hell no! Not at all.

Let’s just say, a problem of missed opportunities. Or, one of connecting “needs” with “haves.” We call it Prosperism!

To Share Is Human, To Expect Nothing In Return Is Divine

If that wasn’t the case, 1.52 billion of us wouldn’t be sharing stuff on facebook, and over million 4 million of the shared stuff wouldn’t be rewarded with “likes” every minute. Who wouldn’t want his/her sharing be reciprocated?

The moral of the story is:

Sharing works wonders if it is “incentivized” and “equitable.”

And, it indeed has, if we look back at our year-long incentivized and equitable sharing experiment, which introduced us to the power of decentralization that can potentially harvest and create a new super asset class of Influence Capital, and in the process write new rules of economics that make ethical profits (upto 40% APR) out of the idling Vain Capital, without risking or even parting with the capital itself.

II. The Power Of Decentralization

Blockchain makes incentivized, equitable sharing accessible, secure, seamless, autonomous, and, of course, profitable to all.

III. The Power Of Influence

IV. The Power Of Vain Capital

$50 trillion keeps sitting on the sidelines when less than 0.5% APR on that capital can potentially eradicate extreme poverty.

V. The Power of Technology


Funding sustainability is the mother of all the 21st century economic problems. Today’s technology can not only monetize assets and create a new super asset class of Influence Capital worth a quadrillion, but use that influence capital to crowdfund global sustainability without risking any of those assets.

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