The Wealthiest Structure On Earth Is An Indian Temple!

The Exotic Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple During Equinox: An Architectural Wonder & A Treasure Cove Of Immeasurable Wealth

Modern History Of The Temple

Infographic Credit: India Today: Who owns Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple treasure in Kerala?

The Trillion Dollar Treasure Cove

A 1794 Silver Coin Sold For Record $10 Million in a 2013 auction
The Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple structure measures approximately 652 sq m (7,018 sq ft) based on Google mapping analysis by Ranbir Singh Padam

Evidence Of India’s Lost Glory

This GIF animation is based on an infogram created from the Maddison Project data.





Doctor Entrepreneur #Inventor #Health #IoT #AI #Blockchain #Fintech #Economics #Sustainability #Sharonomics #Prosperism #ZeroCash #Driverless #Mobility #Poverty

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Doctor Entrepreneur #Inventor #Health #IoT #AI #Blockchain #Fintech #Economics #Sustainability #Sharonomics #Prosperism #ZeroCash #Driverless #Mobility #Poverty

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