To Centralize Is Human, To Decentralize Divine-II

In a previous article I had suggested that decentralization and intelligence were already espoused in nature. This post further expands and strengthens that notion from evolutionary sustainability perspective using as a title of this post, the same quote, used in a different context, by another article.

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From swarming of bird flocks to animal herding at macro level, to collective behavior and nano-networking of cells in molecular biology at micro level, decentralization, self-governance and autonomy is omnipresent in nature.

Tell me if it isn’t decentralized intelligence at the core of those concerted orchestrations, no matter any which way scientists explain those collective animal behaviors.

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Starlings Murmuration Divine Dance: How Do They Do It? Of Course Decentralized Intelligence Credit: Pinterest
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Formation Flying: How & Why Birds Fly In V-Formations?

In my early professional pursuits, I studied medicine and the science of living systems. But it was only with the advent of blockchain and AI in my life that I realized —

at the core of everything that makes life on this planet possible, is decentralized intelligence.

Although it was an eye opener for me, I wonder if there were others who saw evolution of life that way.

Did Darwinism Come About Without Decentralized Intelligence?

Didn’t Decentralized Intelligence Power Six Million Years Of Evolution? GIF Source

Surprisingly no one to my knowledge ever asked that question. My short answer is - NO.

Leaving the long answer for another blog, let us look at the scientific evidence that shows that we evolved from apelike ancestors over a period of approximately six million years.

We may miss the point if I don’t define sustainability at this point.

Sustainability is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Logic compels us to believe that each stage in that journey was sustainable otherwise we would’ve been extinct by now. If the scientific evidence convinces us that decentralized intelligence is consistent with evolution, we cannot deny its congruence with sustainability.

As custodians of Planet Earth, we need to acheive sustainability really soon before it’s too late. As far as the SDGs are concerned, we are already too late.

Fortunately, sustainability awareness and urgency for mobilizing impact investment is all time high across all stakeholders. But that may still not be enough. It’s time for a new model which not only connects social, economic and environmental stakeholders with governments and policy makers, but provides new means and vehicles to monetize trillions worth of idle assets sitting on the sidelines unutilized. We are building one such evolutionary model based on some radical deployment of blockchain and artificial intelligence.

The evidence is in abundance to conclude:

Decentralization is innate, divined and sustainable. Centralization is acquired, humanly, and perhaps less sustainable.

Then why not take a lesson or two from nature, and move towards decentralization, if not for the sake of reforming our sociopolitical ideologies, but for the sake of sustainability.

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