ZeroCash: How In The World Is That Possible?

ZeroCash: How In The World Is That Possible?

Human Interactions — Are They Worth Anything?

Creating Value Out Of Human Interactions: Legacy Systems Appropriate It, But ZeroCash Shares It Equitably With Peers

If a new technology eliminates the third party, the price that the third party provider places on it comes down, but the value essentially remains the same as long as the legacy system remains in existence.

Chain Reaction: Surplus Value Creates Assets & Vice Versa

Creating Surplus Value & Equitably Sharing It As Asset Has Domino Effect

Influence Fuels It, While Blockchain & AI Enable It

Influence Fuels The ZeroCash Ecosystem
Peers Can Tokenize Their Influence To Become Influencers

Enabling ZeroCash With Blockchain and AI

Influence 2030 Calling

No human being is devoid of some influence to make a difference in this world.





Doctor Entrepreneur #Inventor #Health #IoT #AI #Blockchain #Fintech #Economics #Sustainability #Sharonomics #Prosperism #ZeroCash #Driverless #Mobility #Poverty

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Doctor Entrepreneur #Inventor #Health #IoT #AI #Blockchain #Fintech #Economics #Sustainability #Sharonomics #Prosperism #ZeroCash #Driverless #Mobility #Poverty

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